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Date 2011-09-17
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Practical collection of 8-Bit Game Folder Icon design material that may we need available here. May you can select these icon pictures, somewhile probably can give any benefits for you as inspiration. See these wreck-it ralph icon, windows file folder icons and 8-bit icon below, might you can select among them for graphic materials to create your own graphic artwork.

8-bit desktop icons, icon game 8-bit and game folder icon are also the great creations for icon, and you can download them free for personal or maybe commercial use. After download among them, you can put anything you like. Last, We hope this collection can give you more creativity, inspiration and also fresh ideas to build your new work.

If we would like to use some element of each pictures, we should go to the source link that i show under the pictures. Let's hit share button you want, so your friends, family, teamwork or also your community can visit this page too.

Designing Tips:

  • Aligning images with grids or frames make a look more professional design
  • Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes they are the most important part of the learning experience. Design is all about trial and error then push your creations to the limit because the creative process is often not complete
  • Make sure the elements are properly aligned, the text is readable, the contrast is sufficient, and the space gives space design features to breathe
  • Use horizontal and vertical lines to match with other design elements. For balance and proportion, ensure the thickness of the elements correspond to the weight of the fonts
  • Wreck-It Ralph Icon

    Wreck-It Ralph Icon via

    Windows File Folder Icons

    Windows File Folder Icons via

    Game Folder Icon

    Game Folder Icon via

    8-Bit Desktop Icons

    8-Bit Desktop Icons via

    Icon Game 8-Bit

    Icon Game 8-Bit via

    8-Bit Icon Download

    8-Bit Icon Download via

    Folder Icon

    Folder Icon via

    8-Bit Fruit

    8-Bit Fruit via

    8-Bit Icons

    8-Bit Icons via

    8-Bit Game Icons Vector

    8-Bit Game Icons Vector via

    8-Bit Games

    8-Bit Games via

    8-Bit Dead Mario Game Over

    8-Bit Dead Mario Game Over via

    8-Bit Fruit

    8-Bit Fruit via

    8-Bit Pacman Ghost

    8-Bit Pacman Ghost via

    Windows XP Folder Icon 16X16

    Windows XP Folder Icon 16X16 via

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